Da Cajn Critter Cookbook

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Do you want the perfect jambalaya, gumbo, seafood recipe?Cajun or Creole celebration?
Mardi Gras party? Tailgate party ?Jazz Fest Brunch?
Are you looking for a Louisiana cookbook with easy recipes that have that authentic New Orleans, Louisiana taste?
This Louisiana cookbook has it all, easy recipes for the tastiest gumbo, jambalaya and shrimp creole that will tantalize your taste buds, and a crawfish boil you'll never forget!

Meet Pamela D. Lyles, Da Cajn Critter's Creator .
She can teach you how to make easy Louisiana home cooking recipes with simple ingredients that you can buy at any grocery store !

There are three rules that you need to follow to become a "Cajun Critter." The first rule for cooking is that there are no rules !
It's a simple recipe for a lifestyle of having fun, enjoying life, and learning how to "make groceries!"

So, jump right in and become the "Critter" in your own  home !!!!                                     


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Written by Pamela D. Lyles

Critter Illustrations by Kate Ferry
Edited, Designed & Manufactured by FRP Press
Copyright 2008
Trademark 2008
ISBN # 978-0-9800236-0-2

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